Jesus in a Sports Bar


Last night was a pretty amazing night. DoubtLess Faith had its first networking event and it turned out incredibly well. All the credit goes to God and our new Marketing Director Kate, because I must admit I was extremely hesitant going into the event. When Kate first suggested a networking …

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God’s Handiwork, an Apologetic


I asked one of my seminary professors once if it ever stopped being surprising when God shows up, or in the words of my pastor, “when God flexes” His muscles, in a situation! My professor smiled and said, no, it is always amazing when God shows up! He was right. …

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Absolute vs. Relative Morality


Recently I’ve had conversations with a few people on morality and relativism. Interestingly they have come from very different worldviews and the thoughts held by the individuals were quite the opposite of what one might expect from their particular worldview. These conversations and my desire to see people critically examine …

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