How Should Christians React in Light of the Increasing Hostility Toward Christian Views on Homosexuality?


Miguel speaking on “How should we as Christians react in light of the increasing hostility toward Christian views on homosexuality?” Why should Christians address the “hot button” issue of homosexuality? Where should Christians start when thinking about this issue? In what ways does having a Biblical Anthropology help us in dealing with this …

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Review – #GodsNotDeadMovie

gods not dead

For the last few weeks there has been a buzz around the Christian community and media outlets about the upcoming movie God’s Not Dead. Surprisingly I haven’t seen many apologists posting about it, but I’m not on social media much so I’m hoping I’ve just missed their posts. God’s Not …

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To Live Is Christ To Die is Gain

Yesterday my grandmother went to be with Jesus. Today she is celebrating Valentine’s Day with the two loves of her life, Jesus, her Lord and Savior, and my granddaddy. This day is full of mixed feelings, sorrow because I love her more than words can describe and cannot imagine living …

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