Meet Our Associates


Catalina Kreider

Writer and Speaker

After attending the annual Evangelical Philosophical Society conference in November 2010, Catalina Kreider was hooked! Never before had she experienced such relief that her faith in Christ no longer had to be compartmentalized from her rationality. From that conference on, her study of apologetics opened the doors for her to boldly – rather than blindly – hold to her Christian faith. As a graduate of Biola University’s M.A. of Christian Apologetics, Catalina seeks mentoring and teaching opportunities to encourage others to confidently understand the truth of Christianity.

Catalina received her Bachelor of Science in Middle School Education from the University of Georgia and currently teaches Public Speaking and Student Leadership to middle and high school students. She is a member of the Evangelical Philosophical Society and the Missions Team Coordinator at her local church. She currently lives in Dacula, GA with her husband, Derek, and their new daughter.

Additional Resources

We partner with Biola University which allows us access to world renown apologists for seminars and conferences. Some of these include:

  • Lee Strobel, MLS
  • William Lane Craig, PhD, D Theol
  • Gary Habermas, PhD
  • Craig J. Hazen, PhD
  • JP Moreland, PhD
  • Gregory P. Koukl, MA, MA
  • Sean McDowell, MA, MA
  • Mary Jo Sharp, MA
  • Craig Blomberg, PhD
  • Dallas Willard, PhD
  • Paul Copan, PhD
  • And Many More…

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