Dig Qumran – This Summer!!!


Dear Friends,

The Civil Administration for Judea and Samaria and the National Parks Authority have approved our permits for excavation on the Qumran Plateau for May 16-June 9. This is our seventh season of excavation on the southern plateau and will conclude our work and lead to publication of the final excavation report with Eisenbrauns Publishers. The coins from our previous seasons (2002-2008) were published last year in the journal Dead Sea Discoveries. I will again be directing the excavation with Israeli archaeologist Dr. Oren Gutfeld.I would greatly appreciate your making this information known to your readers, students and/or contacts. We have reserved rooms at nearby Kibbutz Kalia for 25 volunteers. At present we have space for 14 volunteers. The details concerning the excavation is posted at www.worldofthebible.com and liberty.edu/judaicstudies and I have attached a graphic with this basic information for your use.As you know, this is a most important site and its publication will contribute significantly to our knowledge of and discussion concerning the Qumran Community and the Dead Sea Scrolls. This may also be the last opportunity to be a part of this historic excavation.Sincerely,Randall

Randall Price, Ph.D.  
Distinguished Research Professor
Executive Director 
Center for Judaic Studies
(434) 592-3249