God’s Handiwork, an Apologetic

I asked one of my seminary professors once if it ever stopped being surprising when God shows up, or in the words of my pastor, “when God flexes” His muscles, in a situation! My professor smiled and said, no, it is always amazing when God shows up! He was right. :)

There have been many times in my life when I’ve wished God would show up and show off, and when I don’t see what He’s doing, or don’t understand why He hasn’t worked things together like I’ve wanted, I’ve started to doubt. I’ve started to doubt whether He’s real and whether He cares about the circumstances of my life. But then there are just as many times when He shows up and flexes in areas I wasn’t even looking to see Him, in order to remind me that in those other areas He’s working just as hard, even if I can’t see it right now.

One of the ways He has been reminding me lately of His intimate love for humanity is one of which many of us take for granted, our nourishment and health. As fallen humans we tend to think less of God’s intervention in the lives of others than in our own lives. When He does something miraculous in another’s life we tend to ignore the significance and wonder why He hasn’t done the same in our own. When He does something miraculous in our life we tend to attempt to explain it away without giving Him the proper credit and recognizing He is the orchestrator and the one who made it possible. We want burning bush moments like Moses or for Him to appear beside us in the flesh like He did in the fiery furnace for Daniel’s friends, but when He works in subtle ways, we dismiss it and explain it as something other than God.

I have fallen into all of these categories at some point or another over the past few years, but in this present season of my life, God has pulled the scales from my eyes like He did for Paul and showed me how little credit I had been giving Him.

As apologists we like to look for witty philosophical arguments or impenetrable logical explanations for biblical events or evidence of design in pop science, but sometimes we overlook the strongest arguments for the defense of the reality of God, His intimate involvement in everyday life, His creative power and fore thought that allows us to LIVE and live well every single day.

When we read 2 Peter 1:3, for “His divine power has granted us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us to His own glory and excellence” we think of the spiritual power He has given us to rise above the struggles of this life, but forget the physically needs He has supplied for in abundance. I have been strongly convicted of this lately, so let me dive into the circumstances to better explain.

About a year ago, I was in a horrible state of physical and mental depression, it took all my energy to simply continue to perform the tasks I needed to accomplish each week. After a tearful conversation with my mother about considering antidepressants she persuaded me to see my doctor about my thyroid, before I took that step. I had reservations, I was a healthy 26 year old, why would I have anything physically wrong, but I took the blood work and hesitantly showed up at the appointment prepared to hear nothing was physically wrong. As the doctor read my test results I was floored, I had more than a thyroid problem, I was also lacking almost all the necessary hormones your body needs to function properly. In essence I had gone through something similar to menopause in my early 20s! She prescribed some replacement hormones and thyroid medication, vitamins, and a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables and within a few weeks I felt like a brand new person. I was in utter disbelief!

Flash back more than a decade and as a 13 year old girl, my mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I was devastated and panicked, I learned quickly there was no cure, that doctors could only slow it down but inevitably within 10 years my mom might be incapacitated or worse, no longer with us. I had trouble processing this as my parents had split up only months before and so as my mother was practically bedridden for months I tried to pick up the slack at home and take care of her and my brothers. My mom had a friend that recommended homeopathic remedies to improve her health. So with no hope from modern medicine we turned to cleanses, herbs, and a clean diet of fresh fruits, vegetables and grilled chicken…more chicken than I had ever eaten in my life! Within weeks my mom began to improve and was able to add exercise to this new life style. Within months she was healthier than she had been in years, not that she was ever a sick person, and in addition her allergies had practically disappeared (my brothers and mom had been plagued with allergies most of their lives). Now more than 10 years later, my mom is still symptom free and has never had a relapse or spent a day in bed since! If you know anything about MS, this is unheard of, she should be wheelchair bound and in a constant state of muscle spasms that prevent her from doing much of anything.

My youngest brother has had the most health problems of all of us, not a sickly person but as a child he had more ear infections than you could count and was chronically on antibiotics. For the past few years he has struggled immensely with stomach ulcers and digestive problems. About a year ago it became too much for him so he went to a specialist and after much testing was diagnosed with Crohns disease. If you know anything about Crohns, it too is incurable and modern medicine can only manage it. Not satisfied with the gloomy fate the doctors described and remembering the success our mother had with homeopathic remedies, he changed his diet, started juicing fresh fruits and vegetable, started cleansing his organs and taking herbal supplements. Within weeks he was feeling much better but occasionally had a relapse. He return to his doctor for more testing where they realized although he had cleared up much of the problem with his changed lifestyle, the good, natural bacteria in his digestive system was greatly depleted due to all the antibiotics he had taken as a child. So back to the health food store he went for probiotics and within a few more weeks he was symptom free. It’s been more than a year now and he has continued to take care of his body and he has had no further problems of any kind!

So back to my story, after seeing the miraculous transformation for my mom and brother, I started to wonder why a 26 year old woman would have drastic hormone issues. Knowing what I’d learned by watching my family traverse the homeopathic health process I figured it meant something was preventing my body from functioning properly. It took me about a year to commit to changing my lifestyle as the medications where doing the job, but something in the back of my head said it would be better for my overall health if I cleared up the problem rather than masking the symptoms by taking prescriptions. So a little over a month ago I started juicing fresh fruits and vegetables and cleansing my organs. As I did this I noticed my food preferences changed, my body craved more fresh food and less processed food. The artificial things I had enjoyed previously stopped being appetizing and I began to crave meals of fresh fruits and vegetables. I was still taking all the medications my doctor had prescribed but after about 3 weeks I was starting to feel insanely depressed and unmotivated. Research concluded that an abundance of hormones had a similar effect on the body as a lack of hormones and so as an experiment I stopped taking the prescriptions one at a time. With the elimination of each one, within 48 hours I felt amazing, like I could conquer the world, haha! I’ve now been off all the medications for a few weeks and I feel more alive and vibrant than ever! My health issues were resolved by removing the things from my diet that were not created by God and adding an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables.

All of this has lead me to realize how amazing our God is! Sure He didn’t zap a miracle and heal us instantaneously, but He did perform a miracle! As 2 Peter 1:3 says, He gave us all that we needed for life, and abundant life at that! See God created our bodies in a certain way, much like cars are created to function off of and need certain things, in the same way, our bodies are created to function off of and need certain things. Sure we can give them man made substitutes, but to have abundant life and health, they need the things which God created them to function off of. And not only did God create our bodies to function off of certain things He also provided those things to live off of!

As humans we are lazy, myself included, we’d prefer to know exactly what steps we have to take to achieve heaven and so we make religious action and morality our goal rather than taking the difficult step of a personal relationship with our creator. Why? Because relationships are hard and they cost us, in order for them to succeed they make us take a serious look at our selves and choices. In the same way we prefer the quick and easy meals that will spare us time and ignore the reality that we are missing out on the blessings God could give us in our physical life and health if we only take the time to take care of our bodies in the way God designed them to be cared for.

Many people object to God’s commands in scripture because they see Him as a mighty judge sitting in heaven legislating our fun, but when you look closely that’s the exact opposite. God created us to enjoy life and enjoy Him. He created us to function physically, emotionally and spiritually in a particular way. We are the most joyful and healthy, spiritually, emotionally, and physically, when we do things the way God prescribes, because that is the way He wired us; that is what our bodies, souls and hearts crave!

The very fact that diseases that man can only mitigate or manage through modern medicine can be completely healed by things that only God created is a miracle in itself! Sure, modern medicine has done many great things, but even those advances can only be explained by God providing the things needed to create the medications and the wisdom to the doctors to discover the advancements. It all shows us how incredible our God is and how much fore thought He put into creating our world! He did not just throw us into our environment and say figure it out for yourselves, rather He gave us everything we need to live life and live it abundantly! What an awesome God we have and the scriptures are right when they say:

“The heavens display the glory of God, the sky displays His handiwork.” Psalm 19:1.
“For since the beginning of the world God’s invisible qualities – his eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.” Romans 1:20.
“The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the world and all who live in it.” Psalm 24:1.

Do you know our God the creator and provider of all that we need? He has provided for your spiritual health too and your restoration to Himself through the death of His son on the cross! And He loves you more than you could ever imagine! If you want to learn more about our awesome God, check this out!

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