How Should Christians React in Light of the Increasing Hostility Toward Christian Views on Homosexuality?

Miguel speaking on “How should we as Christians react in light of the increasing hostility toward Christian views on homosexuality?” Why should Christians address the “hot button” issue of homosexuality? Where should Christians start when thinking about this issue? In what ways does having a Biblical Anthropology help us in dealing with this issue in our culture?

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Perhaps few issues are getting as much attention today as the issue of same-sex marriage. This has led many Christians to wonder if the traditional understanding of homosexuality and the Bible is the correct one. We here at Doubtless Faith are thankful for great apologists who have already put out great material dealing with this issue. We’ve complied some of the best free audio/video resources on this topic and linked them below for your convenience. Please check them out!

Resources on homosexuality and the Bible:

Doug Wilson’s two part lecture at Indiana University

Greg Koukl’s two part lecture entitled “Setting the Record Straight: The Truth About Homosexual Marriage

James White dialogues with Justin Lee on “Can you be a Christian homosexual?”

Robert Gagnon on Homosexuality and the Bible

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