Science Meets the Prophets


By: Kristen Davis

Although archaeology cannot prove that a prophecy was made before the events it foretold, archaeology can show that the events mentioned did, in fact, occur during the time frame mentioned in the Biblical narrative. Amos’ earthquake is one of these types of archaeological discoveries.

 “Earthquake debris at six sites (Hazor, Deir ’Alla, Gezer, Lachish, Tell Judeideh, and ’En Haseva) is tightly confined stratigraphically to the middle of the eighth century B.C., with dating errors of ~30 years. So, the evidence points to a single large regional earthquake that occurred about 750 B.C.”[1]

Amos is thought to have prophesied in the mid eighth century about “the land being shaken (8:8), houses being smashed (6:11), alters being cracked (3:14), and even the Temple at Bethel being struck and collapsing (9:1).”[2] Evidence found at the archaeological sites mentioned in the block quote above, show that an earthquake of great magnitude did strike the land of Israel within the time period allotted to Amos. This discovery is another important example of how archaeology enables Christian Apologetics, because it supports a scientific and historical statement made in the Bible. 

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