It Wasn’t My Place…

“It’s not my place.” I’ve heard a lot of this lately. It seems whenever people encounter a potentially uncomfortable situation, this is the excuse used to justify inaction. “Why didn’t you tell your friend their significant other was unfaithful? – It wasn’t my place.” “Why didn’t you reach out to someone that was hurting? – It wasn’t my place.” “Why didn’t you stand up for someone that was being mistreated or abused? – It wasn’t my place.” Honestly there are very few things that I utterly despise, but this saying is one of them. Every time I hear it my first thought is, “if not yours then who’s place is it???”
Luke 10:25-37 tells the parable of the Good Samaritan. For those not familiar with this parable, a Samaritan (a man from a community at complete and utter odds with Israel) encounters a man upon a road who has been beaten up and left to die. The Samaritan takes the man to an inn, pays for his lodging until he recovers and also all his medical expenses. Here we have a man who has no reason to get involved, who very easily could have walked right by saying “it’s not my place,” because of the bad blood between Israel and Samaria, but instead he physically helps the man and then financially continues to do so until the man can take care of himself again. What would have happened to the beaten man had the Samaritan decided “it wasn’t his place?”

John 8:2-11 tells the story of a woman caught in adultery. The religious leaders of the day brought her to Jesus in order to trick him into saying something they could use to arrest him. Jesus had no authority. He was a carpenter not a religious leader or political figure, it literally wasn’t his place to get involved, yet check out what he says “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” Can you believe that? Jesus doesn’t walk away, he doesn’t say “well ya’ll are the authority so it’s up to you to handle this,” he doesn’t say “it’s not my place.” NO, he actually baits the religious leaders! He stands up, looks them square in the eye, and basically accuses them all of being as guilty as she is! Woow! Guess what happened? Everyone walked away and the woman was freed. What would have happened if Jesus had decided it wasn’t his place? She’d have been stoned to death!

Now look at yourself in the mirror. You’re a sinner, just as I am. We have broken God’s holy and righteous commands and as a result you and I both deserve death. We deserve everlasting separation and punishment from God, but what did God do? He decided that He would send His son to die in our place and take our punishment for us. God lowered himself from His seat in heaven to take on our punishment when it truly “wasn’t his place” to suffer and die. But God loves us so much that He wasn’t willing to say “it’s not my place,” rather He said “I’ll take your place,” and because of that we can have an everlasting joyous relationship with the Creator of all. We can have an eternity of peace and joy with the one who created us, and be free of all our guilt and pain. Aren’t you glad Jesus didn’t say “it wasn’t my place?” I sure am! So next time your hesitant to get involved in a potentially uncomfortable situation remember what Christ did, because your actions could have eternal significance in lives of those you could help!


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  3. We deserve everlasting separation and punishment from God, but what did God do? He decided that He would send His son to die in our place and take our punishment for us.


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