God Loves the Impossible!

For the past month we’ve been going through chapters 3 and 4 of Acts at church and the sermon series has been on the topic of boldness. Bold faith, bold actions, bold words, finally to conclude last week with bold prayers. The pastor pointed out that we have an incredibly AWESOME God who is more powerful than we can imagine. He challenged us to pray boldly for impossible things that only an almighty God could accomplish, to act boldly in the areas that are in line with the character of Jesus and watch how God would miraculously work. I have to admit I was hesitant at first. I’ve repeated many things he said over and over in my head and claimed them in prayer in an attempt to build confidence so that I might be more bold. 
A few months ago I stepped out boldly into an area where I’ve never felt confident and reached out to a person with whom I’ve had a broken relationship for quite some time now. In the midst of this sermon series I finally got a reply, just as we were challenged to act boldly. Nervously I stepped out and responded boldly trusting that only by the power of God could this work, and behaved as though I believed it would, even though I wasn’t entirely certain this would go any better than precious attempts. Yet God blessed my willingness to test Him and my boldness. Today I received an email which brought me to tears instantly. It was a forwarded message so it was nothing personal, but the reality of Gods hand in this person’s life rung true so evidently that I was immediately humbled and all I could say was thank you God, oh thank you! as tears streamed down my face! We have an almighty God who really does do the impossible! Trust in our almighty God to work the impossible in your life! I hesitantly did and He has given me soooo much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! Plus He’s given me the confidence to know that He really is an impossibly powerful God who cares as much for the desires of my heart as I do! Trust our impossibly powerful Lord, Jesus Christ, and I PROMISE you, you’ll NEVER be sorry you did!


  1. I am very much impressed by the heading of this article, “God Loves the Impossible”. It is really gives an inspiration to everyone to win in everything that they touches. It feels like I am very close to God. Thank you for this wonderful article.

  2. amen
    God is really awesome God

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