Support Israel == Support God?!?

When people say that by going against Israel people are going against God it makes me wonder if that is accurate. I mean, if we read the Old Testament we see people going against Israel, many times with God’s blessing, because Israel was defying God! According to the 2008 Democracy Index “51% of Israeli Jews define themselves as secular,” while only 19% describe themselves in any religiously practicing terms at all.[1] So I guess my question is, how can we really say that supporting or not supporting Israel, as the political and geographical institution it currently is, has anything to do with God? 
Abraham alone was saved by the grace bestowed by God, upon Abraham’s faith. Because of his faith, Abraham became the head of the Jewish race, yet the Jewish race’s salvation did not come through his faith. Temple sacrifices and burnt offerings were regularly required for the atonement of sin. It is only through one man, Christ Jesus that someone can be saved. Therefore, God’s blessing is not implied on all Jewish endeavors purely due to race and geographical orientation to the Biblical Israel. Only a nation reverent to the Almighty God, and who is focused on obeying God’s will, can truly be said to be a nation of God and hope for God’s blessing upon their actions.

So, although I do believe we should support Israel, because Israel is an oasis in an otherwise Islamic area of the world, I think we should stop making it sound like a crusade, were you are either obeying or opposing God. In reality, one’s support or lack thereof of the nation of Israel has nothing to do with God. Only one’s relationship with Christ has anything to do with being for or against God.