I’m Jumping!

The Bible speaks time and time again about amazing things that God has done through ordinary people, yet the subtext often overlooked by the magnitude of the event, is that with many of the more monumental movements (alliteration! My English teachers would be so proud! Sorry back to point…) God required the person to step out of their comfort zone. I used to be a person who lived in my comfort zone and anything that remotely looked like I might have to step out was immediately dismissed as an impossibility. Since practicing surrender to the creator, I’ve learned that God likes to work outside our comfort zone. He likes to stretch us and grow us and just like stretching and flipping and spinning and tossing is required to turn a lump of dough into a pizza crust, so too is it required to turn a lump of human flesh into a masterpiece! Now I’m still quite far from a masterpiece, but I’ve definitely been experiencing a lot of stretching, flipping and spinning over the last few years. Just when I think my vision is starting to clear and I’ll be able to walk on my own again, God reminds me that He’s not done and that I need to take His hand again. Today was one of those days. As I was reeling and spinning from the message I received, I started to wonder why God likes to keep me out of my comfort zone and then some major figures came to mind. 
Moses, a mountain of a God man, is the first that always comes to mind. Moses was a stuttering, insecure, murderer who had fallen from the graces of his adopted family and was living in hiding in the middle of nowhere. He had just gotten his feet back under him and was starting to build a life for himself, as a shepherd, when God presented an opportunity. Live for me! Moses had a choice, step out of his comfort zone, WAY OUT, and go back to the land where all his failures were reality, rather than memory, to do God’s bidding, or, continue in his comfort zone and be forgotten by the sands of time (literally, he lived in the desert)! Moses stepped out and we know the rest of the story!

Next is a man who’s stepping out is greatly overshadowed by the reality of the results. David, the ONLY man God called “a man after my own heart,” was presented with many opportunities to step out of his comfort zone and follow God, often times at the risk of his own life! We see the first in his battle against Goliath and we see countless others in his attempt to soothe the murderous and angry King Saul, in spite of Saul’s attempts to kill David. Time and time again God presented David with the opportunity to step out of his comfort zone and follow God, no matter how uncertain the situation appeared, and become King or to slink back into his comfort zone and thus remain a shepherd boy, unable to help anyone or do much of anything. David stepped out and we know the rest of that story too!

Why does God do this? To turn us into the best possible person we can be for His kingdom! To turn us into the person He created us to be! Within their comfort zones, Moses and David had ordinary lives, but when they trusted God and stepped out, God used them in extraordinary ways! So what are you going to do? When God prompts you to do something you’re not comfortable with? Will you remain within, or will you jump out of your comfort zone in faith, remembering what the Lord your God has done through those who trust Him? I don’t know about you, but I’m jumping! :)

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  1. What scripture would be apprpriate when talking about out of ones
    Comfort Zone? Thank you, I love this article.
    Continued blessings