New Beginnings

The fall has always been a time of new life and new beginnings for me. As the suffocating heat of the summer fades into the cool crispness of the autumn breezes my heart can’t help but soar at the promise of new life and new hope.


The feeling of peace and hope that arise at the conclusion of each summer always amazes me. As my heart begins to soar I dream of all the possibilities the new year will bring and all the amazing opportunities that are yet to come. Each year has brought new blessings, new promises and new hope. Each year has brought new challenges, new opportunities for growth and a renewed sense of purpose and life. Every fall I wake up to the knowledge of how far God has brought me since the year before and how much he has changed me and helped me grow. This year is no different. As I sit on the bench outside my apartments and watch the last of the day’s light fade into night, I’m once again caught up in the brilliance of it all, in the hope and dreams of what will come.

This year has been one of extreme growth and healing. Old wounds have faded in ways I never thought possible, new opportunities have arisen where I wasn’t even searching and new dreams have bubbled to the surface in hopes of fulfillment. As I head into the last classes of my Masters I’m amazed at how far God has brought be in the last 4 years. 4 years ago I had just begun working on my bachelors in religion classes and now I stand facing graduation with a masters degree, looking forward to the endless opportunities to serve the Lord and his people. Where once I found myself wondering if I’d ever be able to help anyone, now I find myself teaching classes at two churches, reaching thousands on the radio, preparing for my first publication in ABRs Bible and Spade magazine and doing prep work for a conference God has inspired for next year.I stand in awe at the knowledge the God has seen fit to choose me to serve him. I am so humble by the opportunity to serve our Lord and God, and I feel so grateful that he sees more in me than I do myself. As I debate with the Lord on whether I’m good enough for the calling he has put upon me, I hear a still small voice remind me that my weakness is made perfect in his strength. I’m reminded that those who have come before were no more capable than I, rather God uplifted the downtrodden and used the unexpected to champion his name. For Moses was a stuttering murderer, yet God transformed him into a leader never forgotten in all the days of Israel, David was the youngest son of a shepherd from the lowliest clan of Israel, yet God raised him up as a military champion and victorious king of Israel, always remembered. God likes to use the unexpected for then he will receive the glory, and so I say use me Lord, in order that your name might be given all praise!So in this time of new beginning, what will you do? Will you humble yourself before the Lord begging him to use you in order that he might receive all glory? Will you seek to serve him with everything in you? Will you allow this fall to be forever remembered as the time you fell before you creator and offered him all of you? What will this fall mean to you?