The Bible is so much more than a book of things that God did a long time ago in the lives of Jewish people; it is a map FILLED with hidden treasures! On the pages of this wonderful book, on first glance, we find details of what God did in individual people’s lives, but if we delve deeper we notice that it is evidence of how much He truly loves mankind. 
The fact that He took the time to intervene in these peoples’ lives is evidence of His love, but this love and intervention is not limited to the lives of the people who fill the Bible’s pages. This love is for you as well. God loves you as much as He loved them and by making sure His word survived so that it could be in your hands today is evidence that He wants to work in your life in the same ways He did in theirs.

The Bible offers hidden treasures that cannot be found any other way. Within its pages, you find God Himself, the creator of all things, the Master of it all. You can see a history of His actions, to show you what He’s like. It’s your own personal “reference list” for God. Check out its pages! In them you’ll find that He’s got the credentials to work in YOUR life as well!

Within the Bible you’ll find not only how God works, but who He is. You can see His character traits and the way He behaves. You can find HIM within its pages. We all have a piece within ourselves that we try desperately to fill with one thing or another. Some try alcohol, some drugs, some sex, some relationships, some work and the list goes on. Many people try to fill this place inside them that is empty, with things that seem culturally innocent but no matter what they try, or how busy they keep themselves, they still feel like they are missing something; something still doesn’t feel quite right and so the search goes on. God placed a God shaped whole in our hearts so we would search for Him. He is the only one who can fill the place inside that nothing else can reach. Open His word, as you swim through the pages of His interaction with people from the past, you’ll see how they too had a place that needed filling and that God came in and filled up that hole.

Need some examples?

Abraham and Sarah had a hole. They were desperate to have a baby and a family, but had finally given up on their dreams. What they didn’t realize was that what they were trying to satisfy through a family could only be filled by God. When they gave their lives to God, He not only filled their hearts with a joy that was unspeakable, but He also provided the family that they had wanted. After He healed their hearts, He healed their lives.

Moses had a hole. Moses had the best of the best. He was raised in the palace of Pharaoh. He had the best education a person could have, the best food, the best house, the most money. He had everything a person could materially want at his fingertips, but that wasn’t enough. He knew something was missing. His attempt to fill this hole resulted in him killing an Egyptian to protect/relate to the Israelites (his biological family), which resulted in him having to run away and spend 40 years in the desert. There he created his own family, but he still wasn’t satisfied. When God came to Moses in the burning bush, God began the process of healing Moses’ heart. Every step of Moses’ obedience brought more satisfaction and healing than He imagined. How do we know this? Because if the hole in Moses’ heart wasn’t healing through his interaction with God, why would he have kept on listening? The tasks God gave Moses were not easy or comfortable. He was sent to confront Pharaoh, a man who could have him executed on a whim, he was told to take the whining Israelites to Canaan. He was told to spend 40 years in the desert with them after they rejected the God who had just physically shown His power to them. If God hadn’t satisfied that hole in Moses heart, why would Moses have bothered sticking around and doing things that were obviously not pleasant? Because even though these things weren’t great, Moses knew that he didn’t want to be away from God. He felt satisfied and whole by his interaction with God. God had finally filled the hole in Moses’ heart.

The list of examples could go on and on, but the question remains. Are you ready to see if God can fill the hole in your life? Pick up His pages. You won’t be disappointed, because a journey with God is the most rewarding and satisfying roller coaster you’ll every find! His word is filled with treasures about Him that are waiting for your discovery; treasures that will truly change YOUR life!!!


  1. Scripture contains many things that I don’t know, and that you don’t know; many things we are waiting to discover; passages which are lying dormant waiting for us to dig them out. ~ N.T. Wright

  2. When I read scripture, something happens. Reading God’s Word has an effect on me that nothing else I read does. I am convinced that God speaks to us through scripture. Each time I read the Word I learn something new or I deepen my knowledge and understanding of what I have read before. The Bible is an inexhaustible treasure trove of practical wisdom that reveals God’s plan for humanity and His love for us. Sadly, too many of us do not engage in a serious, sustained daily reading of the Bible, taking notes and meditating on what we have read so that we can internalize it and apply it to our daily lives.
    For many, while we insist with great conviction that the Bible is God’s revealed Word, our encounters with Scripture are sporadic and superficial at best–limited to Bible readings at Sunday worship or reading an occasional snippet. The list of excuses we have for not seriously studying the Bible is seemingly endless.

  3. Interesting thoughts, just wanted to mention I came from Google.

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