Ever Thought of God In a Snow Storm?

Have you ever noticed how snow literally covers EVERYTHING! For those of you who’ve lived in snow this may seem like an obvious realization, but I’ve recently moved from Florida and I had never experienced snow as it was falling or right after it had finished. I’d never seen it cover all the cars and streets and get in the way of things that we need to do. For example, it never dawned on me that after it snowed I’d have to wait for the streets to be cleared and that I’d have to dig my car out. Snow is no respecter of persons, it does not think about where it falls, when it falls it covers EVERYTHING! 
This made me think of God. God covers everything, just like the snow. A couple times in the past few weeks God has covered everything. He sent a foot of white powder to blanket the city, to cover everything. He took control of His world, even what was manmade. The streets, the sidewalks, the buildings, the cars, everything was covered by Him, by His snow. It was beautiful and perfect, but when I first stepped out my front door I was overwhelmed. There was a foot of pure white covering my path and I didn’t know what to do. I hesitated, but the only way was to go through it. God is like that. God covers everything. He is in control of everything. Sometimes things appear in life that we didn’t expect, that knock us off balance or overwhelm us, but God put them there, just like the snow and the only way we can go, is through it. It’s hard and inconvenient at times, but God put it there for a reason; to hydrate us, to build our strength in Him, to help us grow.

The pristine whiteness made even the night brighter. The street lights reflected off the white and made everything brighter. God is like this too. Even in our darkest times, He makes the world around us brighter. He makes the troubles we are going through bearable and our burdens lighter.

After 2 days of plowing, the streets were still covered white. It was as if God was saying, “I can cover anything. Nothing man can do can stop me or my plan. Nothing man can do can out shine me.” Sometimes we get wrapped up in our lives and what we have to do or what is going on around us and forget about God’s sovereignty. We forget that He is in control and that He has a plan for us. It’s then that God sends us a snow storm to jostle us, to wake us up and remind us that He is in control. Nothing we can do will change His ultimate plan and we should be looking to Him rather than ourselves for answers.

This was the first time I’ve seen the magnificence of God like this. Everyone of us was stuck under a foot of snow. The creator decided to put it there and no man could stop it or hinder His plan. He covered it all and it was beautiful, pure perfection, white and peaceful. He is in control and no one can hinder his plan. Not a single one of us can get in the way of God’s plan and yet, even in our darkest hour, His light makes the night brighter!