We offer a flexible class format in the North and Central Florida areas which allows you to join a class at an existing location or request one to be taught at your church, school or group. Classes can be taught as 6-12 week courses, as well as tailored to fit weekend seminars, one time events or a style that fits your specific needs. To join an existing class, please view the event calendar.

Biblical Apologetics Classes

  • Archaeology, History and the Bible – The historical reliability of the Bible is paramount to the Christian faith. In this course you will learn how the historical statements of Scripture pair with Archaeology and History to illuminate the trustworthiness of Scripture.
  • Defense of the Resurrection – Of all the Biblical events, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the most important as well as the most controversial. If the resurrection is not an historical event, Christianity is no different from any other religious system. In this course you will learn how to identify historical details pertaining to the resurrection, how to analyze those events in light of alternative explanations to the resurrection, and how the Christian dying and rising savior narrative compares to similar stories from other religious systems.
  • Science and the Bible – Science is often pitted against the Bible. In this course you will learn how to think through various naturalistic objections to the Christian worldview as well as how to defend the creation narrative in light of a Naturalistic worldview.
  • How to Read the Bible – The Bible is comprised of 66 books, written by at least 39 authors, over the course of roughly 1500 years. This results in various writing styles, which can result in questions on how one should go about interpreting Scripture in order to remain most true to the message. In this course you will learn tools which will illuminate and strengthen your personal Bible study in order that your faith might grow.
  • How the Bible Came to Be – It has often been argued that the Bible is merely a book comprised of the religious beliefs of the individuals that on the religious popularity contest of their day and that it has since been twisted and adjusted by those in a position of authority. In this course you will learn how the Bible came into its current form, as well as how to defend the reliability and cohesiveness of Scripture.
  • Book Studies – With 66 books in the Bible, it is often difficult to delve into any one book in particular, as well as to understand how that book fits into the overall message of the Bible. In these book study courses you will do an in depth study of the particular book, its message, context, as well as how it fits into the overarching framework of the Bible.

Philosophy and Worldview Apologetics Classes

  • Critical Thinking and Logic – It is important for any individual to be able to rationally think through an argument, to be able to identify the premises presented, as well as any logical fallacies, and to be able to analyze the logical cohesiveness of an argument. In this course you will learn how to structure a valid argument, as well as how to interact with arguments presented.
  • Analysis of Worldviews – Everyone has a worldview. It is the lens through which one views all life experience. It provides the framework for answering key questions such as who is mankind, what is the nature of the world, what is the nature of God, what happens after death. In this course you will learn how to identify and compare the worldview of various systems, as well as how to interact with those worldviews when sharing your faith.
  • Necessity of the Christian Worldview – It is often argued that the Christian worldview stifles science, progress and condones the oppression of key groups. In this course you will learn the key role Christianity has played in the creation of the modern world, as well as how to defend against arguments such as those previously mentioned.
  • Ethics and Morality – Ethics and morality play a significant role in any society, but can they exist apart from a divine law giver? In this course you will learn how to think through the concepts of ethics and morality, interact with various ethical systems, as well the role of ethics and morality in the Christian worldview. This will include analysis of some 21st century philosophies and how the concept of ethics interacts with Naturalism.
  • Why Does God Allow Evil? – One of the most frequently ask and difficult questions of life is why God allows the suffering, both natural and human caused, to exist in the world. In this course you will learn the nature of evil and God’s role in limiting and ultimately eliminating it.

Specialized Apologetics Classes

  • Intro to Apologetics – This course is a basic level introduction to how to think through and defend your faith from common objections to Christianity. It focuses on teaching the individual to use their current knowledge of the Bible and Christianity.
  • Tactics – This course is based off of Greg Koukl’s Tactics, teaching you how to engage in a discussion about your faith, while providing tactics for leading the conversation, in order to confidently navigate the minefields of worldview and faith based discussions.
  • Christianity and Western Cults – Many religious systems present themselves under the umbrella of Christianity. In this course you will interact with ancient and modern religious systems which claim identification with the Christian worldview, including Mormonism and Jehovah’s Witness, learning how to identify and interact with fundamental beliefs that diverge from the Christian worldview.
  • Christianity and Middle Eastern Religions – It is often argued that all paths lead to God. Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam are thought to be different means of achieving the same goal. In this course you will learn how to identify fundamental beliefs in each of these worldviews, as well as how they compare to the Christian worldview.
  • Christianity and Paganism – Magic, witch craft, mystery religions, ancient gods such as Zeus and Athena of Greece and Osiris, and Isis of Egypt are emerging as popular religious systems in modern culture. In this course you will learn the nature of pagan ritual and belief, both ancient and modern, and how its offerings compares to Christianity.

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