What We’re Doing

What is the goal of the learning center?

To enable confidence in the Bible in order that people might discover and deepen a relationship with Jesus.

How do we accomplish that goal?

With classes, seminars, conferences and trips that educate people on the reliability of the Bible. These events use all facets of argumentation: scientific, philosophical, historical, etc. All events are tied back to Jesus. The whole reason we do this is because Jesus instructs us to go and make disciples, therefore the main objective of the learning center is to make and equip disciples. We constantly bring it all back to Jesus.

While the main objective of the learning center is for education in apologetics, additional classes on the Bible will also be provided, as we not only want to show people the significance of Scripture, but also help them get into it and grow.

These classes include but are not limited to:

  • Inductive Bible Study or Hermeneutics classes, as individuals should be taught how to read and critically think through Scripture.
  • Early Church History classes, as individuals should know how the Bible came to be in its current form.
  • Critical Thinking and Logic classes, as individuals should know how to logically think through an argument in general.
  • Book classes, these are various classes on individual books of the Bible. Not all churches are able to provide in-depth book studies, therefore we we aim to be a supplement to those churches in this area in order to help people better understand key books of the Bible.

Intended Audience

The intended audience is lay people, individuals with minimal to no collegiate Biblical training. The goal is to equip these individuals to be able to rationally defend their faith for personal or evangelistic purposes, as well as prepare them should they decide to move on to formal collegiate instruction in the area of apologetics.

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