A Quote to Share…

I was working on my homework and I ran across this quote again and had to share…
 “The sex act is the most powerful enactment of relatedness imaginable, for it is the drama of approach and entrance and full union, then partial separation (as though the lovers could not believe it were true and yearned to look at each other), then a complete reunion again. It cannot be an accident of nature that in sex we thus enact the sacrament of intimacy and withdrawal, union and distance, separating ourselves and giving ourselves in full union again. For this eternally repeated participation in each other, the touch and withdrawal, is present even in the hesitant beginnings of acquaintanceship and is the essence of courtship in birds and animals as well as men and women. In the rhythm of participation in a union of dual being and the eventual separation into individual autonomy are contained two necessary poles of human existence itself, shown in their fullness in sexual intercourse.” By: Rollo May

It reminds me of our relationship with God, the closeness and separation, the drawing near to and pulling away from. Sometime God seems so close we could almost breathe Him in and we feel His presence surrounding us. Other times we feel so far away from Him that we long for those intimate moments with Him again with all our being. Yet through it all we know that if we call upon Him, He will wrap Himself around us again.

It reminds me of a dance or even the way we interact with those we care for. There are times when we are apart and those separations make the return of the individual so much more than it would have been had we never been apart.

It reminds me of Solomon wooing his bride in the Song of Solomon. That intimacy is more than skin deep. It is the constant relatedness of one to another. The sharing of parts of one’s self with another, yet remaining a whole, on one’s own, so that the coming back together is sweeter still.

It amazes me that God chose the idea of a marriage relationship, the most intimate of all human relationships, as the imagery for His relationship with us. If you want to see more of what I’m talking about I recommend reading “The Book of Romance” by Tommy Nelson, which is a commentary on the Song of Solomon as to how it relates to relationships.

When I read that book I imagined what a human relationship like that would be like, how amazing it would be. But then to think beyond it and know that God also desires for us to have that kind of intimacy with Him, wow! It’s just truly amazing!