Passing On: Four More Years… Of Exile (Responding to the Obama Re-Election)

This article was sent to me and I find it inspiring. God’s word rings true for all situations. I hope it is as much a blessing to you as it was to me!

Four More Years… Of Exile (Responding to the Obama Re-Election)

Four More Years…of exile. But there is hope. Please read my thoughts on where we go from here. –Steve

I’m writing to you to explain why, even after a late and discouraging evening that stretched past 1am on the east coast, I was back at the office before 8am this morning.

And why the sinking feeling i felt last night has already been replaced with a deep determination.

And why I’m going out to buy equipment for our new office this afternoon.

And why we are going to build, build, build — despite a stunning and, for me, unexpected defeat.

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