What Was Meant For Evil, God Has Used For Good

I never would have imagined when my marriage ended 2.5 years ago that I would thank God for what He brought out of it. I never dreamt I would ever believe true blessings were the result of it. Don’t get me wrong, God intends marriage to be for forever and He delights when a couple resolves things and grows through their hard times. He hates divorce, but that doesn’t mean He can’t use it; that He can’t bring remarkable beauty out of it. That is what He has done for me. 
That situation required me to lean on Him, to fully trust Him and give myself completely to Him in order to make it through. The result of completely submitting my life and my trust to Him in every area of my life still astounds me on a daily basis. I have traveled the world. I have met people I would have never met. I have made friends I would have never encountered. I have found a true inner peace and security in the loving arms of Christ that I was never able to find before. I have found my passion, my calling, the very purpose that makes the blood pump through my veins and my heart sing. I have found myself and I owe it all to the glory of my Lord, Jesus Christ.

What was meant for evil, God has used for good. He turned a bad situation into a blessing, a nightmare into a fairy tale. Those who believe that God cannot work miracles have simply not seen that hand of God. If you give your life and your will to the creator of all things you will not be disappointed. He will fill your life with more pleasure than you could have ever imagined and all it requires is the desire to love Him, to know Him, to live for and through Him. Will you allow God to use what was meant for evil in your life for good?

Inspiration: Gen 50:20 (story of Joseph)