Something Beautiful…

Something beautiful. Life has a way of wearing you down. Many of the day to day things cause us to wonder what the purpose is for life. Why are we even here? What difference does it make that we are where we are? 
They don’t have to be monumental things; nevertheless one can start to feel as though there is nothing beautiful in this life. I had one of those days this week. There were some realities I didn’t want to face and yet I could not avoid them, and they made me question why God makes us stay here on earth so long before going to live in His beauty. I know there is a reason and I know there are many beautiful things about this life, but that day I was struggling to see past the fog, so I asked Him to show me. As I was preparing for bed I prayed “Lord, please, show me something beautiful. Show me something that makes this life beautiful, something that makes the path I’m on worth it.” I wasn’t looking for anything grandiose. I’m not even sure I was expecting to receive an answer to this particular pray. It was more of a crying out of my heart, but God heard.

Now that I’m a few days away from that day, I look back and can see God’s beauty. He allowed a few events to take place that allowed His beauty to shine through. They were nothing monumental, a great meeting, a few great conversations with co-workers, nothing too out of the ordinary, but enough to show me His beauty.

Sometimes we struggle with life. Things become more than we think we can bear or we feel trapped in the life we are living. Jeremiah felt this way when he poured out his heart to God, on many occasions, about the task he was given in life, but through it all, God was there. God showed Jeremiah His beauty to make it all worthwhile.

No matter what your place in life, no matter your job, God can show you beauty AND He can show His beauty THROUGH you! That’s one of the things I saw this week. God allowed me to see how His placement of me in the current path that I’m on, allows Him to show people who might otherwise never experience Him, a side of Him that might change their lives. I’m helping people and shining Christ’s light just by BEING where I am and just by BEING who I am in Christ. Sometimes it doesn’t require preaching or even explicitly sharing the Gospel, sometimes all we are is a light in the darkness that shows the love of Christ by our love of others. So if you’re in any way feeling like I have, ask God to show you His beauty. Ask Him to open your eyes to see the beauty of the place He has you right now, and ask Him to help you shine His light to those who might never know otherwise!