I look around the world and I don’t see a multitude of sinners, although that is Biblically accurate, I see a multitude of settlers. I see men and women, of all ages, settling for what they think is the best life has to offer, only to be perpetually disappointed by those circumstances. I see them sinning as a result of their disappointment,  as a means of escape or a brief opportunity to satisfy. 


I see people settling for careers they can succeed in, that bring no real joy or spark to their life. I see people settling for their career being number one in their life, because they feel no success in external relationships. I see people settling for spouses that are average, because they think they deserve no better, that no one else will love them. And when I say, “but it shouldn’t be like this!” the answer is always the same, “that’s just the way it is.”

I hate that phrase. I am not one that uses the term hate often. I may dislike things, but short of Satan, himself, I don’t really hate much of anything. But the phrase “that’s just the way it is” makes my blood boil. I hate that phrase! Why? You might ask, because it is one of resignation, of settling. It is a phrase that shows that the fight is lost and acceptance is required.

But it doesn’t have to be like this! The fight is not lost, acceptance is not required, resignation is not acceptable and settling is preposterous! Life does not have to be this way! We do not have to settle and we do not have to live mediocre lives!

God is not a mediocre God. He does not settle. He will not resign Himself to the plans of mankind or other created beings. He has not lost the fight. On the contrary, He has already won the battle and the war!

God created us to live in harmony with Him, to share our lives with Him and enjoy His presence. He created a job for Adam that was satisfying and fulfilling, but did not exclude outside relationships (ie. his wife, Eve, because she was his partner). He created a spouse that was not mediocre, but rather the other half of Adam, his partner and friend, created from his body. (The phrase “cut from the same cloth” could not be any more appropriate than for Adam and Eve). God did not settle for mediocrity, so why should we, those created in the image of God Himself, settle for mediocrity?

Now before you run off and end all the “settling” situations in your life, step back and listen. There are situations where you should not settle, but that does not mean you should quit. Marriage is one of those situations. God hates divorce! (Malachi 2:16) He absolutely appalls it so if you’re already married, and you feel you settled, this does not mean divorce your spouse. On the contrary, God’s plan for your life includes the spouse you have. (You can know this with certainty based on His view of divorce.) God can bring harmony, grace, peace, fulfillment and flourishing in your marriage, no matter the spouse you have.

So how do we have a flourishing life that flies in the face of mediocrity? Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all these things will be added to your life (Matthew 6:33). Christ is the answer. The deeper your relationship with Him, the more outrageous your life will be.

It is common knowledge that we are influenced by those with whom we interact. Think of all the close friends you’ve had in your life, in each of those phases you behaved more like that person than you did before or after that person was a part of your life. We behave differently around different people because of what we assume they expect from us and because behavior and thoughts are contagious. Now think how absolutely wonderful it would be to “catch” Christ’s behavior! He took care of the people no one wanted anything to do with; He healed the unhealable; He loved the unlovable. He was a wonderful person by human standards; the kind of person we would all like to be. Plus He is God! Can you imagine a more wonderful person to become like?

So, if YOU want a flourishing, fulfilling life that defies mediocrity get to know your creator! Read the book He inspired (the Bible), so that we might know Him. Speak with Him. Listen to Him. Follow His instructions and (dare I say it?) commandments. Live your life for Him, in His spirit and you will have anything other than a mediocre life.

REMEMBER: God is not a mediocre God. He does not settle. He will not resign Himself to the plans of mankind or other created beings. He has not lost the fight. On the contrary, He has already won the battle and the war!

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  1. this is deep. i loveit