Are We Really Sinful?

People like to believe that they are “good” people. When confronted with the argument 
for the rationality of hell or God‟s judgment, they typically argue that they are “good” people, 
they never hurt others on purpose and they do not understand why God would be so cruel as to 
punish those that “do not do anything really wrong.” Ironically, these statements are typically 
followed up with, “well I know I do not go to church as much as I should,” or “I am not a „slut‟,” 
or “I do not lie very often,” or any number of other justifications for the sin that is in their life, 
but does not seem “too bad.” Comparisons of God to a cruel abusive father, who seeks pleasure 
out of punishing one child to satisfy His wrath against another, have even been made. The 
hypocrisy of it all is that most of these people spout that they know that sin is what gets one into 
hell and sin is what Jesus came to take care of, but they do not actually think they sin. Sin is that 
dirty word reserved for murderers or rapists or any of the people that commit those 
“unforgivable” sins, but never is it something that “I do!” That is where people are wrong.