Jesus in a Sports Bar

Last night was a pretty amazing night. DoubtLess Faith had its first networking event and it turned out incredibly well. All the credit goes to God and our new Marketing Director Kate, because I must admit I was extremely hesitant going into the event. When Kate first suggested a networking event, I wasn’t really certain what to expect. I had never been to a networking event before and so I was happy to let her lead the show. As the details began to come together and we prepared to start inviting people my hesitation grew. We picked a location, a local upscale sports bar of sorts that had a private room, and as we wrote up the description of the event and included “Extended Happy Hour specials” in the announcement I started to worry what all my Christian friends would think. “Oh no, there will be alcohol at the event, what will others think of me” raced through my mind, but we’d already committed and God had opened doors so I wasn’t going to let my fear of what people think of me get in the way of at least trying this idea out.

The day came and I walked past the bar to our upstairs room to find beer taps on each of the tables and immediately started to panic. “It’s too late to turn back now, let’s see what God does,” I told myself, very aware that we were in a bar and that anyone could hear my presentation and interrupt if they so chose, for the private room was more an open balcony than a secluded place we Christians could hide away. I had only ever spoken at churches and so I was always pretty certain that the majority of the people attending already agreed with the Christian worldview. Safe, that’s what our events had been, safe. This was not safe, this was bold and I am not bold.We got set up. People started to trickle in. I started to see some familiar faces which definitely helped settle me and within an hour we had a nice group of people and a good number that I did not know. They were new to the world of apologetics and their backgrounds were diverse, Agnostic, Muslim and Jewish. As the time for me to present started to approach I wondered whether anyone would notice if I didn’t speak, didn’t give a presentation, for everyone was enjoying themselves, deeply engaged in conversation. But once again the Holy Spirit whispered, “you know you’ll regret staying silent, trust me, speak.” So with shaking hands and an attempt to prevent my voice from doing the same, I began.I was amazed. For about 15 minutes I shared who DoubtLess Faith is, what apologetics is, why it’s important and dove a little bit into what a worldview is and why it is important. I could see the uncertainty and discomfort in the faces of the non-believers transform into eagerness and attentiveness. Some nodded in agreement as I talked about how knowing the Bible is trustworthy makes the difference in the trustworthiness of Christianity. I could tell they’d never thought about worldviews before but were really engaging in the idea that it affects how we live our lives. I was so shocked and excited. They were getting it! They were interested!

Only God knows whether last night’s event will be the beginning of their exploration of Christianity, or remain just an evening of networking, but what I realized as I drove home was that we were able to share a little bit more about God to a group of people who would never have come to a church event or an apologetics class. We were able to give them something to take home and chew on that will hopefully start them on the path of falling in love with Jesus. We were evangelizing people in a sports bar and they were eating it up and soaking it in.

I learned a lot last night. We are commanded to GO and make disciples of all nations and I think sometimes we forget the GO part of that command. We hide in our churches and our small groups at believers homes and expect non-believers to come into our areas of comfort to learn about Jesus. Who would do that? I know I wouldn’t. If I didn’t believe what someone believed and they asked me to come be the only person outside the norm of the group, I wouldn’t go. No one wants to be the outsider. We need to find more ways to be accessible to non-believers so that we can give them a little more of Jesus that will hopefully end up changing their lives and eternities forever. Last night was a great night. Who knew Jesus would show up in a sports bar. :)

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