“How many Christian women do you know who can both proclaim and properly defend the Christian Faith in a winsome and persuasive manner in our skeptical and anti-Christian age? Kristen is one such woman. She has dedicated her life to serving Christ with both her heart and mind. This is the reason why we ask her to come and help us with ministry in Africa every year. Few women can balance academic rigor and a passion for truth with grace and love for the lost, in the way that Kristen does.”

Simon Brace
National Director, Ratio Christi South Africa

“When thinking about who to invite to address the topic of equipping and empowering the next generation of leaders, in a way that would be helpful to our association of Christian college and university presidents, Kristen Davis immediately came to mind.  She was an absolute joy to work with in every respect.  Kristen was well prepared and her breadth of knowledge and passion for the topic was clearly evident.  She engaged well with the other panelists and with the audience. She has continued to be a resource for us. It is my pleasure to recommend Kristen Davis.”

Shirley V. Hoogstra, J.D.
President, Council for Christian Colleges & Universities

“Kristen Davis is a rare breed, combining a keen mind, a heart for God, and passion to communicate clearly and widely. As a teacher, she has blessed our students at HBU for many years now, helping them to understand how to love God with their minds by teaching them about philosophy, critical thinking, and the Bible. She is also an in-demand speaker who has traveled the world sharing an important message about the trustworthiness of the Bible and the Christian worldview. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Dr. Philip Tallon
Interim Dean of the School of Christian Thought
Chair of Apologetics
Houston Baptist University

“I have known Kristen Davis as a fellow student in Christian Apologetics at Biola University, where she was outstanding both in her knowledge of the material and in her engagement with other students.  It has been a joy to see Ms. Davis move forward in developing a ministry in Christian Apologetics at DoubtLess Faith.  Ms. Davis was a delight to our conference guests in central California at Evidence 2014, where she made connections between ancient paganism, an area of her expertise, and the neo-paganism that is so prevalent here in California.  As a conference organizer, I highly recommend Ms. Davis.  She made an excellent presentation at our conference and was always on top of organizational details on her end of things, despite the distance between Florida and California!”

Bruce Boeckel, PhD
Conference Organizer
Associate Professor of English
Fresno Pacific University
Fresno, California

“The Church of Eleven22 recently partnered with Kristen Davis. Her organization, Doubtless Faith put on an Apologetics Seminar bringing in speakers from around the country. We appreciate her time and strengths as she led a great conference answering questions of the world with true biblical knowledge. We would highly endorse Kristen in all of her future endeavors.”

Ryan Stone
Lead Ministries Pastor, The Church of Eleven22
Jacksonville, FL

“Kristen Davis has led several seminars at our church focusing on apologetics.  Kristen is a delight to work with.  Her passion and enthusiasm for communicating the Truth of God’s Word in the midst of a skeptical and often confrontive culture is desperately needed.  She takes joy in seeing believers wrestle with issues of the day and come through with a handle on how to “give a defense” for the faith that is within us.  I gladly recommend and support her ministry.”

Glenn Reese
Executive Pastor, Chets Creek Church
Jacksonville, FL

“Kristen Davis has shown me that she has strong academic abilities, to think carefully through challenging topics and issues. She brings a real heart and mind to honor the Lord, reach out to unbelievers, and help equip Christians with evidence so they can be strong in their trust in the Lord. She works hard to understand accurately the arguments and reasons people raise against Christianity, and then she brings good, insightful responses to them.”

R Scott Smith, PhD
Associate Professor of Ethics and Christian Apologetics
Biola University
Author of Naturalism and Our Knowledge of Reality: Testing Religious Truth-claims and Truth and the New Kind of Christian: The Emerging Effects of Postmodernism in the Church

“Kristen Davis has a heart to share the Truth of God’s Word with a cynical world. Her own testimony from doubt to becoming an apologist of Biblical Christianity is one your students and church needs to hear. Her passion for people, her desire to listen, and her calling to share truth – regardless of the consequences, gives my heart hope for the next generation of apologists. I recommend her to your church with full confidence she will help equip your people for the front lines of ministry.”

David Eppling
Former Chief of Staff to the President of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary
Current Director of Administrative and Academic Projects
Liberty University School of Law

“What a joy it is to recommend Kristen Davis whom I have known as her Pastor of the Deltona Presbyterian Church.  The seeds of her love for the Lord Jesus Christ were planted by her mother and grandparents early in her life.  She has blossomed to be a young lady with a deep commitment to serve as she desires to use her God-given talents to His glory. She was one of the travelers who accompanied one of my groups to the Holy Land where she saw first hand the places of the Old and New Testaments and Jesus’ ministry.  My prayer is that the doors will be opened to one who is dedicated to her Lord and His Kingdom.”

Joseph J. Gasper
Senior Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church
DeLand, Florida