Dissertation – Does Artificial Intelligence Lead to Atheism? Exploring Artificial Intelligence through a Thomistic Philosophy of Mind (Read)

God Help the Outcast: Exploring a Biblical View on Social Justice in Disney Features (Read)

“Truth and the Reality of Christmas,” Associates for Biblical Research, 2016

“Cult Worship at Tel Dan,” Bible and Spade, (29:2 Spring/Summer 2016) – My Master’s Thesis

“Thoughts at Thanksgiving on the Problem of Evil,” Associates for Biblical Research, 2015,

“Book Review of Fool’s Talk by Os Guiness, ” Advance (Fall 2015)

“Paganism Rising,” Bible and Spade, (28:1 Winter 2015)

“Justin Martyr: Pioneer Apologist,” Bible and Spade, (26:1, Winter 2013)

Recordings and Interviews

Interview at SATS – An Introduction to Biblical Archaeology (Feb 2020)

Interview at SATS – Rising Paganism

Digging for Truth TV Episode – Conquest of Tribe of Dan (June 2019)

Digging for Truth TV Episode – Erasing Moses (June 2019)

Paganism and the Christian Worldview (2014)


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