Apologetics Programs are few and far between. In the US, we are lucky enough to have several options, however our international brethren do not have the same advantages. Being able to intelligently articulate why you are a Christian, why you believe the Bible is true, or why Christianity most accurately corresponds to reality (philosophically, logically, scientifically, etc.) is not just important for American Christians. It is equally important for international Christians. Modern technology makes it possible for people to take classes from anywhere on the globe, however, the exchange rate for many currencies is prohibitively expensive. Of the 163 countries whose US exchange rates are monitored by www.xe.com, people from 142 of the countries would have to pay at least 30% extra to take online courses through a US seminary (As many as 90 of those countries have exchange rates that would result in someone paying at least 10 times as much.). That would be the equivalent of a $999 masters class costing you $1298.70, as a Canadian, or $37.8 million as an Iranian.

As Americans we don’t often think about how currency exchange works. If we hear that it takes 14 South African RAND to make 1 US dollar we tend to think that there is a direct cost of living correlation. However, that is NOT the case. When a person exchanges 14 RAND for 1 dollar, they can only buy a fraction of what they could have purchased in their own country, with their new US dollar.

For example, the new iPhone X that came out in September costs $999 in the US and R22,000 in South Africa. $999 is less than 1 month’s rent for an apartment in Jacksonville, FL and less than almost every US monthly mortgage payment. However, R22,000 is approximately 6 months rent in South Africa. In other words, in order to buy the same thing in South Africa, a person will have to sacrifice at least 6 times what it would cost us to purchase it.

So what does this mean? People from only 13% of the 162 countries who regularly exchange currency with US dollars would be able to afford to take online classes from US universities. That’s not to mention the countries whose exchange rates aren’t actively monitored. In other words people from only 21 countries in the world are able to afford to be trained on how to defend their faith. What about the rest of them?

We at DoubtLess Faith want to help them! As of January 1, 2019 we will be supporting apologetics education for international students through the new DoubtLess Faith International Apologetics Scholarship Fund.

Please help us in this endeavor! You can be a part of training international apologists so that they can be defenders of the faith in their own towns across the world. With your tax deductible gift you can help an international student attend an apologetics program, at an accredited US seminary or Bible College.

Our first international scholarship recipient is Jonathan de Beer of Ratio Christi South Africa. To learn more about his story click here.

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Suggested Gift Levels

  • One Time Gifts*
    • $4,089 – A Full Semester of Master’s Classes
    • $1,023 – A Master’s Class
    • $342 – A credit hour for a Master’s Class (1/3 of a class)
  • Monthly Gifts*
    • $342 a month for 12 months (A Full Semester of Master’s Classes)
    • $87 a month for 12 months (A Master’s Class)
    • $29 a month for 12 months (A credit hour for a Master’s Class (1/3 of a class))

*PayPal charges non-profits 2.2% of the amount + $0.30 per transaction. In order to make sure the students can receive the full tuition amount, the recommended gifts take these fees into account.

If you have any questions, you also email us at donate@doubtlessfaith.com.