Abortion and Grace


As the videos about planned parenthood are coming out the reactions on social media are understandably horrified. Many are speaking out and raising awareness which is good but I want to make sure we are aware of the message that we are sending. Oftentimes we fight a problem by focusing …

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Apologetics: Types of Apologetic Arguments


Previously: What is Apologetics? Apologetic Styles How to Do Apologetics When it comes to types of apologetic arguments there really are quite a lot, but I’m going to introduce you to a few of the larger groupings to get you started. God in his infinite wisdom left us a whole host …

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Apologetics: How To Do Apologetics


Previously: What is Apologetics? Apologetic Styles We saw in the first post of this series why we should do apologetics. We should do apologetics, because if Christianity is true then it is of infinite importance (CS Lewis)! So if we should do it then how? I’m glad you asked! The reason you …

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Apologetics: What’s your style?


Previously: What is Apologetics? Classical Apologetics is the field of apologetics that focuses on making rational arguments for the existence of God or the Christian faith. The classical arguments for the existence of God do not presuppose the truth of Christianity, rather they focus on logical proofs for the existence …

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